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San Diego Dog Training

The training and support your dog needs to be happy and healthy. For the past 15 years, we’ve been training dogs in appropriate play behavior, leash manners, separation confidence and more. We’re here to help you better understand your dog and ensure their wellbeing.

Do you have a new pup? Check out our Puppy Academy, geared specifically for 6-12 month old puppies to board and train here at TDS under 24/7 supervision. The Puppy Academy is a 4-week program structured to develop the foundational elements needed to be the best pup on the block!

*30 min. consultation: nonrefundable $50 which will be applied toward a training package if purchased.


Basic training for pups that need a little extra support to obedience tasks such as; sit, stay, and walking on a leash properly. This training can be done at TDS or at customers’ home. Additional fee will be added for any travel outside a 15 mile radius of TDS.
  • $125 / Single session (50min) – On-site, no daycare
  • $440 / 4 session package – On-site, no daycare
  • $650 / 6 session package – On-site, no daycare
  • $825 / 8 session package – On-site, no daycare

+$40/per session for offsite visits, within a 10 mile radius.


Day Training for specific obedience skills at The Dog Society. One class per week at TDS. Pup will be dropped off at TDS between 7-9am and picked up between 4-5pm. Acclimation is for those pups that need extra training to adapt to the pack through and calm anxiety and fine tuning their obedience skills.
  • $1,500 / 10 session Day Training package


This program is for adult dogs without aggression issues that would like to focus on obedience. With 24/7 care, they will stay at TDS and work daily with our trainers and pack leaders.
  • $4,000 / Basic Obedience (4wk)
  • $5,500 / Advanced / Off leash (6wk)

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