Puppy Academy

puppy training


The Puppy Academy, is a training program specific for pups to learn basic obedience skills such as: leash manners, sit, stay, down, recall, place, and also incorporates socialization.

COST: $3,000 for 4-week program

The full program takes place at The Dog Society, where your fur-baby will stay with us, under 24/7 supervision. A pack-leader is staffed to ensure your dog is safe and cared for at all times throughout the length of their stay.
While in training, our trainers will work with your dog to establish a foundation of trust and build a relationship to cultivate a positive learning environment using balanced training methods. Our goal is to provide you and your dog tools to learn and thrive.
Each week we will focus on a new goal: Week 1: Relationship Building and Intro to Basics, Week 2: Verbal Understanding, Week 3: Fine Tuning Your Skills, Mastering the Real World , Graduation & Pawrents Mandatory Training.

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