A Place for Dogs
& Their Friends

A sports bar, cafe and all kinds of play for you and your pup!
Don’t have a pup? No prob – come visit us!

Paws & Pints

Unleash Fun at Our Canine-Friendly Bar!

Unleash Your Pet’s Perfect Look

Tail-Wagging Grooming Services Await!

Bark, Bond, and Beyond

Host your next event with the Dog Society

For Dogs

Explore The Dog Society’s comprehensive dog services, delivering practical solutions for your dog’s care and enjoyment. Trust The Dog Society for reliable and tailored dog services, guaranteeing your pet’s well-being and your peace of mind.





Unwind at the Hydrant Bar, The Dog Society’s vibrant sports hub, offering a dynamic blend of entertainment and refreshments for both you and your furry friend.





For Parties

Host your next private event in style at The Dog Society, where our dedicated team ensures every detail is tailored to perfection for you and your guests.

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